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By providing a safe haven for adolescents and teenagers to speak freely about their concerns, Teens What’s The Rush,Inc hopes to improve decision making skills and determine appropriate behavior in our youth. Giving them the toolsto make better decisions, the value of self-love, and the confidence to stand up for positivity. Teens What’s The Rush, Inc. is making a difference, one child at a time. Read more...

Teaching through the Arts...The problem in our society is that certain things are still taboo... teen pregnancy, STDs, domestic violence to name a few, are more common that we want to admit and we want to expose it. Too many women (and men) walk around in our daily lives hurting because of issues in the home.  
Teens: What's The Rush, Inc is here to call the awareness to many issues
.

Many would say that once a young person is incarcerated, their life is over.  We have proven that to be incorrect.  With the recent RUSH Program Graduation, we successfully walked hand and hand with 9 young men to see them "Beyond the 7 weeks"Read more...

Who Cares?! Production

March 12, 2017 | 2:30 PM

stage productions

I Love You To Death Stage Production Baseball 3/4 sleeve shirt

Orange Box Theater at Mark SQuared Studios and Teens What's the Rush presents "Who Cares" written and directed by Sherrell Anderson. 

"Who Cares" chronicles the challenges faced by a teacher tasked with educating intelligent, yet disturbed students. He finds himself entangled in the crossfire of his students' lives, and has to decide whether to abandon them or to forge on for change.

evoking change through the arts = edutainment

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"How do we EVOKE change if our METHODOLOGY remains the same"

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